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Pitchfork Music Festival

The Hideout Block Party

Brilliant Corners
Les Shelleys
Pitchfork Music Festival
Tom Brosseau
The Hideout Block Party

Double celebrating Winter West Coast tour: Tom Brosseau & labelmate Garrett Pierce start 2017 with a small venue concert series, celebrating Tom's new video and Garrett's new album.

Tom Brosseau starts 2017 with a beautiful new performance video, filmed in York UK by Georgie D'Albiac Brewin for an unreleased track, "Don't Tell Me" from the North Dakota Impressions sessions. Tom and Crossbill Records mate, Garrett Pierce, hit the west coast for a small venue concert series - keep an eye out here.

A day in the tour life documented in this charming short film, A Bright Day In Naples

Alessandro Farese and Ivan Mazzone, with the direction of Luca Caserta, capture the sights, sounds, train arrivals, gig preparations and wonders of a day in Naples on Tom Brosseau's fall 2016 tour in this documentary film, A Bright Day in Naples.

Thanks to Alessandro and Ivan, Marco Stangherlin of wakeupandream, Lucio Carbonelli, Luca and Bianca of Godot Art Bistrot and the fantastic people of Napoli.

The BEST music of 2016: NPR's Heavy Rotation features Tom Brosseau's "Fit To Be Tied"

NPR's Heavy Rotation picked "Fit To Be Tied," a track from Tom Brosseau's new album, North Dakota Impressions.  Listen here.

Pitchfork Music Festival 2017 coming July 14-16.

Pitchfork 2017 is coming July 14-16, Union Park, Chicago.   Thanks to all the fans, the crazy good artists and the amazing festival production team who have made every year such a blast.  Looking forward to 2017!

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