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Pitchfork Music Festival

The Hideout Block Party

Brilliant Corners
Tom Brosseau
Les Shelleys
The Hideout Block Party
Pitchfork Music Festival

Tom Brosseau Spring 2019 Europe & UK tour

"One of the aspects of touring I so enjoy is playing new compositions for the first time, and as one show will lead into another and then another, it’s fun to see a composition move from being the formulated thing it was in my Salt Lake City home to really taking shape on the stage.

In the end, a composition becomes a song because the audience is there to help it along, and from there it takes on a life of its own.  I live to set them free." – Tom Brosseau 2019

Spring 2019 Europe & UK dates here

Tom Brosseau feature in Salt Lake City Weekly

Nick McGregor's insightful profile of Tom Brosseau in the Salt Lake City Weekly. A peek at what's coming up in 2019.  Do give it a read!

50 Feet of Song features a new Tom Brosseau song

Listen here to Tom singing "Oh How Blue" at the Ace Hotel in Seattle, one of his fav spots.

NPR's Heavy Rotation featured Tom Brosseau's beautiful song, "Fit To Be Tied"

Do take a listen here: NPR's Heavy Rotation picked "Fit To Be Tied," a track from Tom Brosseau's new album, North Dakota Impressions.  Listen here.

Pitchfork Music Festival graces Union Park Chicago July 19-21 2019

Thanks to all the fans, the amazing musicians over the years including Courtney Barnett, A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, PJ Harvey, Kendrick Lamar, Savages & so so many more!  Pitchfork Music Festival returns July 19-21 2019. Hope to see you!

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