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Mary Jones Management:

Artists: Tom Brosseau

Les Shelleys, Tom Brosseau & Angela Correa

Artist Production/Artist Relations:

Pitchfork Music Festival

Brilliant Corners

The Hideout Block Party

Les Shelleys
The Hideout Block Party
Tom Brosseau
Pitchfork Music Festival
Shelley Short
Brilliant Corners

Tom Brosseau at the Criterion Theatre, Coventry UK August 16

Tin Angel Presents: Tom Brosseau in the Auditorium of the Criterion Theatre, Coventry UK.  August 16

Special late summer show with 3 piece band of Ben Reynolds (Two Wings), Joe Carvell (Batsch) and David Butler

Hideout Block Party / Onion A.V. Fest 2014: Death Cab for Cutie, War on Drugs, funky Meters, Dismemberment Plan & more.  Rock For Kids and other charities benefit from each ticket sale.  Every year, The Hideout brings amazing artists!

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